We are a family business dedicated to making “TORTAS WITH VIRGIN EXTRA OLIVE OIL “and other home-made pastries using the finest ingredients – extra virgin oil, 100% pure honey, wine from Huelva and a mix of spices and flavourings –  all based on the Mediterranean diet. A tempting and healthy selection of products.



logo_nuevoWe can trace our origins back to the middle of the nineteenth century –  a tradition that dates back generations.  Our history starts with Granny Upita and her wonderful recipes influenced by the three cultures that flourished in Andalucia (Al-xaraf).  These recipes were passed down to her son, Don Miguel de Los Reyes and his wife Luisa Millán who carried on the family business. Currently, the business is run by Upita´s five granddaughters. The company is now in the hands of the fourth generation.

Our products are made by hand as they require a delicate touch when they are made and packaged. Products prepared in this way – with love and care – are very different from other products that are made on a massive scale in a huge factory.


The quality is such that all the ingredients are natural and we do not use additives or preservatives.  100% NATURAL. Our TORTAS ARE MADE WITH EXTRA VIRGIN OIL and this lends a delicacy to the texture, taste and aroma.  These are healthy, nourishing treats which our customers greatly appreciate.

As our demand increased, so we needed to expand.  So we moved our premises to our current location in Castilleja de la Cuesta near Seville. With over 600 metres of space we can make a wide range of products: Our TORTAS WITH VIRGIN EXTRA OLIVE OIL  in three flavours ( almonds, orange and savoury) honey pestiños (a honey-glazed deep-fried pastry),  cider empanadillas ( a pastry made with siam pumpkin), tortas de polvorón, delicious bizcochados y cortadillos.  All hand-made by us.


Our growth and expansion is the fruit of hard work, a family effort especially on the part of our parents. Thank you!  We all feel so proud of the business.  Upita de Los Reyes!